It's been a while I posted on this blog. But never mind have a look at what dropped on my medulla oblongata  yesterday.

I am not that good when it comes to English language but I just like writing to motivate people. Read this piece……. Being a dropout does not mean that you are not educated, but it means not having certificate to show off.


Failure is bad. Failure is good. A lot of student are afraid of failure. And because of the fear of failing, they read just to pass exams not because they want to know. Failure is good when you learn from it. Failure is bad when you repeat the same mistake over and over again.

6 Health tips from dad for Computer Professionals

As professionals we hardly put any thought into our body because we like working. We sit on our computers, staring at it’s screen without thinking about any of the consequences. These health tips were given by my dad, who is an orthopedist, when he saw me crouched over my laptop all day.

Top 7 sexiest female hackers of the world

It’s always crazy when it comes to hacking of internet and computer embedded devices. It’s just amazing that the most cryptic and legendary systems can be broken down. How a few lines of code could topple huge corporations thus crippling the computer networks of the whole country and bring an entire organization to its knees. To the infinity and beyond, hacking just ain’t got no limits. When we hack, we break, we destroy and then we create.

Computers are beautiful and where there is beauty there are women. This the anonymous world of hacking, where the women are hacking into the freaking stratosphere.

This list brings to you the hottest female hackers of all time-


At 11:32pm, on the 1st day of December 2016. God gave me this message. This is what The Lord said: "Son, the end is at the door but my people don't see it. My people are more concern about making money easily without comparing the value of money with the value of their souls to find out the greatest. And no matter what their findings are, Souls have more value than money. "Having seen that Christians this day love money so much, The Lord Continued, Satan has gone so deep in his strategy to capture the souls of many Christians. In his strategy to buy the souls of many Christians including the elects, Satan has offered my people money in an easy way through internet money markets. He introduced a lot of them, which among them is "MMM", and many Christians have joined them without asking me questions about the deep secret of MMM. "Son, the Lord, called me, my people have handed their souls over to Satan through that network market called MMM. It is paining me b…

Jamb Admission Status Checking Portal for 2016/17 Enabled (Updated)

THIS is to inform the general public that the Joint Admission and Matriculations Board, (JAMB) admission status checking portal for the 2016/2017 prospective students has been enabled.
All the candidates who applied for admission into their school of choice, and participated in the Post UTME Screening exercise are advice to check their admission status on Jamb portal.

A few weeks ago, The Public Relations Officer, Dr Fabian Benjamin of the Joint Admission and Matriculation Board (JAMB) said the portal has opened the for checking of admission status for the 2016/17 academic session.
Following JAMB directive mandating all Higher Tertiary Institution in Nigeria to end the 2016/2017 academic session admission exercise on or before 31st of October, 2016 which was later postponed till 30th November 2016.

NYSC 2016 Batch "B" Printing Of Call-up Letters Has Commenced

This is to inform all Prospective Batch B Corp Members for 2016 National Youth Service Scheme (NYSC) that the printing of their NYSC Call-up letter begins today 21st November, 2016 and will last till 25th November, 2016.

Prospective Batch B Corp Members who made payment online for the printing of their call-up letters during online registration can print their call up letters via any of the links below;