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Nigerian student arrested in Malaysia, 20kg drugs smuggled from China found hidden in air coolers.

Police arrested a Nigerian private college student on Wednesday, April 27 in connection with the seizure of 20.8kg of syabu (methamphetamine) worth about RM3.2 million, which was smuggled from China via courier service.
The drugs, meant for distribution to the local addict population was found hidden in a portable air-conditioning unit at a house in Bukit Mahkota Cheras, to prevent detection by the authorities.Federal Police Narcotics Investigation Department deputy director, Datuk Pahlawan Mohd Dzuraidi Ibrahim said police had launched simultaneous raids in Bandar Mahkota Cheras, Selangor.
"We have arrested the 27-year-old man and seized 21 packets of drugs believed to be syabu," he told reporters at a press conference on Thursday.

Goodluck Jonathan's Maritime students graduate from Philippines University

A fresh set of Nigerian Maritime Administration and Safety Agency (NIMASA) and Nigerian Seafarers Development Programme (NSDP) students graduated from University of Perpetual Help System, Philippines, on April 28, 2016.

Moms and Dads Attaching More Strings to Paying for College

Drew Trachtenberg
More parents are behaving like business executives when it comes to helping to finance their children's college education: They're open to putting in some cash, but they want to know what the return on their investment will be.
"The trend now is that parents and students are looking beyond college," said Jodi Okun, founder of the College Financial Aid Advisors and a brand ambassador for Discover Student Loans, a division of Discover Financial Services. "They're looking at what you accomplish in those four to six years in order to get what you want after college."



6 Ways to Help Students Understand Math

Dr. Matthew Beyranevand K-12 Math Coordinator, Instructor of Math & Math Education grad courses The ultimate goals of mathematics instruction are students understanding the material presented, applying the skills, and recalling the concepts in the future. There's little benefit in students recalling a formula or procedure to prepare for an assessment tomorrow only to forget the core concept by next week. It's imperative for teachers to focus on making sure that the students understand the material and not just memorize the procedures.
Here are six ways to teach for understanding in the mathematics classroom:

How Emotions Affect Learning, Behaviors, and Relationships

Dr. Lori Desautels Assistant Professor in the School of Education Marian University

We need all of our emotions for thinking, problem solving, and focused attention. We are neurobiologically wired, and to learn anything, our minds must be focused and our emotions need to "feel" in balance. Emotional regulation is necessary so that we can remember, retrieve, transfer, and connect all new information to what we already know. When a continuous stream of negative emotions hijacks our frontal lobes, our brain's architecture changes, leaving us in a heightened stress-response state where fear, anger, anxiety, frustration, and sadness take over our thinking, logical brains. The 2015 film Inside Out is an exceptional and accurate portrayal of our five core emotions. These primary emotions are joy, sadness, fear, anger, and disgust. This film depicts how we use these emotions when difficult and happy experiences arise, and how we need the negative emotions just as much as the posi…

The Seven Steps to Becoming a 21st Century School or District

Ken Kay                                                                         

   Last summer, as I was winding down my eight years as president of the Partnership for 21st Century Skills, I went around the country and met with 30 superintendents, asking them, "What can I do to support your efforts to implement 21st century education in your district?" Together we came up with the idea of creating a professional learning community (PLC) of education leaders committed to 21st century education. A team of us liked the idea so much that earlier this year we launched EdLeader21, a community of education leaders committed to building critical thinking, communication, collaboration, and creativity into their educational system.
One of the major ways we are organizing the work of the PLC is a framework we created, "7 Steps for Becoming a 21st Century School or District." For the next two months I will be sharing with you our seven-step framework in greater detai…

MBGN 2015 Unoaku Anyadike begins her National Youth Service

'Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria 2015' - Unoaku Anyadike will be serving her nation during the Batch A 2016 service year in Lagos State. The Beauty Queen who's currently at camp, shared a photo of herself at the official swearing in program which holds today...
 This is an encouragement for student out there who are yet to graduate. work hard you will get there!

San Jose High School badminton coach arrested for inappropriate relationship with student

San Jose High School badminton coach Loc Nguyen.

Posted:Apr 28 2016 03:47PM PDT Updated:Apr 29 2016 01:35AM PDT - San Jose police arrested a 21-year-old female assistant badminton coach on suspicion of annoying or molesting a child under 18-years-old.

Word Processing – Spell Check

To spell check a document, click on ‘Tools’ from the main menu bar and from the resulting drop-down menu, click on ‘Spelling and Grammar’. This will open the ‘Spelling and Grammar’ dialog box. This dialog lists all the incorrect words in the current document by highlighting them in red under ‘Not in dictionary’ area. The suggestions for the correct spellings for these words are also shown in the ‘Suggestions’ area.
In order to make changes to incorrect words, select the appropriate correct suggestion for the incorrect word from the ‘Suggestions’ area, and then click on ‘Correct’. This will replace the incorrect word with the correct one selected from the given suggestions. This is how the corrections can be done to a document.

Social Media and student


English Class Experience

Even though we are only half way through the semester, I can honestly say that this English class is 10 times better than last semester. I did learn some things last semester, but it didn't really help me with my writing and I had many unanswered questions about the writing process. The most thing I like about this class is that we are able to research something that we are really interested in and care about. I also like the fact that this research project is broken down into parts and we aren't doing all of it at one time like most of my other English classes. Although I'm not a fan of blogger, I guess it's a nice way to put your thoughts out in the open on a weekly basis and blogger is essentially an online diary. So far, this class has taught me a lot about the writing process and how your writing can become a conversation. I never really understood that concept until now and I see how it can make a difference in your writing. I really enjoyed writing the "wha…

Study with friends to enjoy the benefits of peer learning

Studying with friends is more fun than learning alone. However, educational research has found that the benefits of working with peers extend far beyond the social. By helping one another in the classroom and outside of it, you are more likely to fully understand and remember the topics you share.
Catherine Shirley ACMA, CGMA, Lecturer of Accounting at Newcastle-under-Lyme College, explains further.
All types of peer learning have been shown to be highly effective in terms of boosting motivation, focus and depth of understanding. You could be revising with your peers in the final weeks to your exams, interacting using Facebook or a study group, or helping out a perplexed classmate.
You may have already been in a situation where a friend was struggling with a difficult accounting problem in class and, if you knew the correct method, you may have taken them through it to help them understand. Clearly, this is of great benefit to your friend because they can move on with their work, but do…

Eight distinguished achievers, including Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie and Spike Lee to receive Johns Hopkins honorary degrees

Johns Hopkins University, Maryland, United States has announced a list of eight distinguished achievers who will receive honorary degrees this year. The honorary degree will be conferred at the universitywide commencement ceremony on May 18 at Royal Farms Arena.  The list includes award-winning novelist Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, who earned a prestigious creative writing master's from the university,  filmmaker Spike Lee, Nobel Prize winner Richard Axel and Ellen M Heller, Maryland’s first woman to become an administrative Circuit Court judge. "The men and women in this group are visionaries who have challenged the status quo and changed the world for the better," Said John Hopkins University President Ronald J. Daniels. "They have made a lasting impact on the arts, public health, the law, neuroscience, and the resilience of communities here in Baltimore and across the globe. At Johns Hopkins, we share their commitment to innovate and to work for the b…

Nigerian Professor breaks '187 year record' at King’s College, UK

Nigerian academic, Prof. Abiodun Alao, will today deliver an inaugural lecture at King’s College, University of London. This would make him the first ever black African scholar to deliver such lecture since the institution was established back in 1829. A professor of African Studies, Abiodun Alao was conferred with a professorial title about two years ago alongside his Nigerian counterpart in the institution’s African Leadership Centre - Prof. Funmi Olonisakin. This was another milestone that made them both the first black Africans to attain the professorial cadre in King’s College since its establishment.
Abiodun Alao’s lecture titled, "Africa: A Voice to be Heard, Not a Problem to be Solved" will be delivered at the Edward Safra Lecture Theatre at the college’s main campus & will be attended by people from different parts of the world including Nigeria, Australia, Kenya, USA and South Africa.

University of Ibadan shut down over Student's Protest

The University of Ibadan has been shut down indefinitely following a two-day protest by students who have now been asked to leave the campus. The students were expressing displeasure over "the suspension of a union leader by the students’ disciplinary committee" and "non-availability of some amenities needed on the campus".

In what is becoming a norm in Federal Universities, the students complained about lack of power and water which they said made learning difficult for them.

They took their protests to Lectures halls & disrupted ongoing classes by using canes to chase colleagues who didn't join the protests.

They also shut down all entrances to the institution, a move which has been declared illegal by other institutions including UNILAG.

The Vice Chancellor of the university, Professor Abel Olayinka said the decision to shut the institution was occasioned by violent protests which, he added, had led to "life-threatening acts and text mess…

The Siamese twins who shared a FACE: Heartbreaking pictures show babies born with just one head betweenThe-Siamese-twins-shared-FACE-Heartbreaking-pictures-babies-born-just-one-head-them.

Heartbreaking pictures show Siamese twins born in India sharing a face. The babies, who each had their own heart, arms and legs were born weighing 2lbs 6oz at a hospital in Rajkot, Gujarat, eastern India. They share a face, brain & this astonished medics when they were delivered by a Caesarean section.

Doctors have confirmed that they only lived for six minutes following their birth at Pandit Deendayal Upadhyay Government Medical College four days ago. The mother of the twins had a smooth pregnancy until her first ultrasound at seven months where she was informed about the shocking condition of her babies.
Speaking on the incredibly rare situation, Kirtan Vyas - an assistant professor in the gynecology ward of the hospital who operated on the mother, said medics already knew they were unlikely to survive. According to him, their hospital has been active for 140 years and there’s only been around three to four cases of conjoined twins. This case of conjoined twins was …

ENGLISH BLUNDER!!!(Baba Dey Look You Oh!)

Three friends went to stream; Idara wearing a short, Titus a boxer short, and another a trouser. After fetching water, a woman appeared out of a cross-path and talking to no one in particular she said, BABA DEY LOOK YOU OH! which actually meant Baba is looking for you, she was actually referring to David-Harry and others were like; do you actually mean God or babalawo (native doctor)?. Funny right?. This actually happened in Ifewara Osun state, Nigeria the location where I school presently. And by virtue of the yoruba lifestyle baba actually refers to an elderly man. God bless Nigeria and every other place.

Appeal to sympathy

Example“I was only nine years-old when my mother was brutally murdered.” Effect on readerAn appeal to sympathy is an attempt by the writer to make the reader feel sorry for an individual, group or thing. Emotional appeals such as this can often be effective at making the reader care about the issue through evoking an emotional response. Their sympathy may lead to feelings of empathy, guilt, outrage or anger which can motivate readers to align themselves with a certain group, or prove emotionally persuasive. In the above example, the reader’s sympathy is being directed towards the writer herself, perhaps making them more likely to accept the writer’s suggestions of policy changes regarding murder.
However, if the writer appears overly emotional their credibility may be negatively affected, especially if their audience is a logical one. For example, if the writer tries to persuade a person to donate money simply by talking about the suffering of the children who the money woul…

Sympathy on education

Education should be our priority in Nigeria government should look in to education in Nigeria and provide more facilities.

Nigerian students condemn ban on UNILAG Students’ Union

Students across Nigerian universities have condemned the temporary ban placed on the University of Lagos Students Union by the management of the school.
The management suspended the union following protests by students against poor welfare conditions in the school.
PREMIUM TIMES reported how the protesting students blocked major roads leading into the university, including access to the school’s Senate building and the Assembly Hall where Rahman Bello, the Vice Chancellor, was attending an event.
Armed police officers were later brought in to disperse the angry students. The university was also shut and students asked to go home.
The authorities later said students will sign undertakings to be of be good behaviour before the school is re-opened on May 2.
In a statement, the Public Relations Officer of the Students’ Union, Jumai fabuyi, said students should not sign the undertaking or pay any fee demanded by the management.
“As the management did not communicate with the…

INTERVIEW: Why I want to lead Unity Schools Old Students Association – Odinkalu


Prof Chidi Odinkalu Chidi Odinkalu, the former chairman of National Human Rights Commission, NHRC, discusses his ambition to lead the Unity Schools Old Students Association, USOSA, with PREMIUM TIMES’ Samuel Ogundipe. Excerpts:
PT: Why do you think you are the appropriate person for the position you’re vying for in USOSA?
Odinkalu: Leadership is a privilege. I have no right to lead any entity, least of all such a highly enlightened network like the Unity Schools Old Students Association. The leadership of USOSA is elective and, for the first time, we have a genuine contest over where or how the Association should go. One vision argues that we should concentrate on building an organization or society of well-educated people. My view is that is not enough. We can only build such an entity if it presents a mission of compelling social good that is feasible and credible. What I present, therefore, is a platform, a passion and a …