English Class Experience

Even though we are only half way through the semester, I can honestly say that this English class is 10 times better than last semester. I did learn some things last semester, but it didn't really help me with my writing and I had many unanswered questions about the writing process. The most thing I like about this class is that we are able to research something that we are really interested in and care about. I also like the fact that this research project is broken down into parts and we aren't doing all of it at one time like most of my other English classes. Although I'm not a fan of blogger, I guess it's a nice way to put your thoughts out in the open on a weekly basis and blogger is essentially an online diary. So far, this class has taught me a lot about the writing process and how your writing can become a conversation. I never really understood that concept until now and I see how it can make a difference in your writing. I really enjoyed writing the "what is it like to be you" essay because it gave us a chance to be personal and express who we really are. It also gave us a chance to reflect on our lives and who we are as a person. For many of us college students, college is just another 4 years of school we go through to get a degree only to get a good job. Many times I've wondered is it even worth it anymore because the world is changing so much. In some parts of Africa, after you graduate high school you can go straight to medical school. There is no need for college over there because they think it takes too long and you need all the experience you can get as soon as possible. As students, we do know that college is a part of our lives right now, but sometimes it gets so tiring we lose the motivation we had to begin with. I guess you could say that some of us take our education for granted, but sometimes you just need to look at the reality of the situation. Now a days it seems like the only way you won't struggle finacially for the rest of your life is if you get a job in the medicine,law,business, or engineering. Anybody who doesnt have a job in those fields is going through the trials and tribulations of this economy. It's sad to say it but having a job you love isn't good enough anymore because you need to make sure that it will take care of you and your family if neccessary. I don't want to become a Pediatrician just because of the salary, but because I love medicine and taking care of children. The fact that the salary of this job is quite high is just a plus! If I complete this goal, I know that I will always have a job and I can support myself and my family all on my own. All I can do is just pray that things work out for the best and I get the education I need to succeed. Having a good college experience is what everyone hopes for, but that only happens based on what you make of it. You can take a lot away from this experience, but you have to make sure you give it your all in order to get the most out of it. The most interesting part of that essay was when I included a poem that described how I was raised.That's the first time I've put a poem in an essay and I was surprised how well it accented the paper. I think the 3-sided essay is going to be interesting also and a challenge because we will have to express three different views in our writing well enough for a reader to understand each view.

I like classes that break down assignments and discuss each of the major points that need to be made in each assignment. I also like teachers that ask for our input and appreciate our opinions. i feel comfortable in class discussions because of the way our class is set up and the environment. I'm also glad that my teacher picked being healthy as our semester question because it made me do a lot of reflecting on the way my life is and i'm glad I did. If it wasn't for the fact that Peace, Butter and Jelly was assigned to us, I wouldn't have really evaluated my spiritual and emotion well being. I'm grateful to Ms. Ingram for that because she made me realize some things that I've never thought about which motivated me to make some changes in my life.

Reading Peace, Butter, & Jelly was also a nice way to reflect on our lives because it's good to make sure you are spiritually,mentally, & emotionally healthy. The author had a few poems I really liked which showed how open minded he was. The book can also be used as a way to reflect on how you feel your life is going. I think the book was really good because David really opened up to his readers and everything was really personal which showed that David was trying to be as genuine as he possibly could be. I also think that you have to have a slight interest in being healthy because the majority of this book expresses emotional,physical, and mental health. As far as our inquiry questions, I'm glad I had the option to focus on something I'm curious about. As I go through life one day at a time, I think about what my future holds and the many decisions I'm going to make. Being spiritually healthy has always been important to me and is how I choose to live my life accordingly. At the end of this semester, I hope to have learned a lot from my inquiry question.
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