My school Located in Ifewara

My school is somewhat located in Ifewara where the topology is extremely bad. School has closed, but I decided not to go home thinking that spending the short vacation here would be interesting but it seems to be otherwise.
     Oh gosh! if I only could fly home I really would do. Just heard from a friend that the witches in this area fly with jackets. One superfluously interesting thing about my present location is that the goats here don't sleep at night, they merely guard the streets while the dogs here sleep instead. Mehn the king is damn nice,  but because of Buhari's administration , a village which would have been relatively cheap to live in has suddenly become a living hell why? the market women are really eating off our heads. Just imagine a village where rent a house was #500 per year during President Goodluck Jonathan's era suddenly becoming #30000 per annum with President Buhari's term.  #BRINGBACKOURCORRUPTION.
     Due to mere foolish interpretation students who should have enjoyed a school burned it to the ground claiming rights as to how much they had spent in school. Now what could have been said about those houses and lives which boko-haram took. 


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