Social Media and student

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 Social media has it good and bad but due to shorthand  righting, students no longer spell correctly.

Shot out 2 all my klas mates or skul mates@gss elekahia ph,both d once dat flogged me ad d once dat i flogged 2@seniority mata,we ar d bst,we rocked it@skul,can neva 4get dat,if u ar among us,throw bck 2 me,we ar d bst.................. Klas complement...............c face oooooooo ooooooo hw d face dey.......?can i hear u shout wowo lolz skul lyf z d bst.......we hav turned 2 big baes ad boo's no dulling
     This is what a student wrote on facebook. Student should try to avoid using shorthand when typing. Social media was to help improve individual communication not to spoil our English composition and spelling.  
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