The Siamese twins who shared a FACE: Heartbreaking pictures show babies born with just one head betweenThe-Siamese-twins-shared-FACE-Heartbreaking-pictures-babies-born-just-one-head-them.

Heartbreaking pictures show Siamese twins born in India sharing a face. The babies, who each had their own heart, arms and legs were born weighing 2lbs 6oz at a hospital in Rajkot, Gujarat, eastern India. They share a face, brain & this astonished medics when they were delivered by a Caesarean section.

Doctors have confirmed that they only lived for six minutes following their birth at Pandit Deendayal Upadhyay Government Medical College four days ago. The mother of the twins had a smooth pregnancy until her first ultrasound at seven months where she was informed about the shocking condition of her babies.

Speaking on the incredibly rare situation, Kirtan Vyas - an assistant professor in the gynecology ward of the hospital who operated on the mother, said medics already knew they were unlikely to survive. According to him, their hospital has been active for 140 years and there’s only been around three to four cases of conjoined twins. This case of conjoined twins was however an even more shocking and rare one.

The woman and her husband have now decided to let go & donate the body of the twins to the government medical college for research.
he Siamese twins were delivered by Caesarean section after a scan revealed they were conjoined 
It is believed they were cephalopagus Siamese twins, which meant they were born with their heads fused together but much of their bodies were separate.
The birth of this type of conjoined twins - who develop after a fertilized egg cell fails to divide fully - is extremely rare 
Dr Vyas added that such a condition can normally be diagnosed within the first trimester of a woman’s pregnancy.
But the woman had not been for any check ups during her pregnancy, which is normally the case in India due to severe poverty.
The mother was discharged from hospital yesterday and is said to be doing well.
She and her husband decided to donate the body of their twins to the government medical college for medical research.
The tragic birth is similar to one in 2014 when a baby with two heads was born to a mother in India where the infants died after 20 days.

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