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Anabelle came 12th in class for the 3rd time despite all my efforts I was convinced that the children scoring better than her have two heads instead of 1. But to my surprise when I eventually was able to turn the table around and get my girl to top 3 in class I didn’t have to make her “grow another head” …I simply found the key to unlocking the genius in my child and  and it was much simpler than you would expect….continue reading 

She started reading as early as age 4. By age 6 she could pronounce perfectly, spell and write down words that were quite complicated. I watched her interact with her friends and I would be so proud of my daughter. But when her results came out for 1st term in primary 1 she was 10th position. The next term she was 12th. I was literally enraged at the result, the next term I reduced her tv time, playtime and her nap time to create more space for doing assignments and classwork. I was so desperate for a way out that I would call her class teacher 2 times a week to ask about her performance in class and I even made it a prayer point at our house fellowship because I wanted to be that proud mum whose child was the best in class, I am sure every mother wants to be.
Still NO SHOW!!!

My daughter came 12th in class again. It was at this point that I thought it was beyond human comprehension how a naturally brilliant child who could speak, read and write better than most of her peers and was reading 4 hours a day (after school classes on a daily basis) was stuck at 12th position in class. I met with the school’s guidance counsellor concerning the issue and it was she suggested that I should probably get my child a personal tutor to attend to her on a 1- 1 basis, she further analysed the various importance of private tutoring. I wondered why I never thought of that. This was the secret I discovered. 1 – On – 1 tutoring is highly effective in supporting classroom lessons and in strengthening a child in areas of weakness that may be hidden.

I got a Prepclass tutor and the result was incredible. From 12th position my daughter moved to 3rd in class. The tutor explained that she was brilliant as I had always thought but his scores were bad because:
• She made frequent careless mistakes during tests and exams.
• She lacked confidence so sometimes she would not attempt a question she knew because she wasn’t sure and in class she would not ask questions when things were unclear.
• She didn’t know how to work well with time.
• She didn’t know how to pen down key points during exams, so she wrote a lot but then missing out the vital points.
• She answered questions during exams the same way she would answer if it were a mere class activity so she was scoring lower marks in the exams than she should.

The next term Annabelle was first position thanks to the effort of the brilliant tutor we got from Prepclass. Their services and the quality of tutor they got me were truly amazing.

Personal tutors are very helpful in boosting academic performance even within a short time whether you are getting a tutor for a child, for a teenager or adult preparing for an exam or trying to learn a language or skill. Which teacher can sit by your side, answer all your questions, understand your strengths and weaknesses and help you improve on them when there are 19 other students waiting for the same teacher to attend to them.

Only a personal tutor has that capacity in terms of time and resource and the best tutors in Lagos are found at prepclass. Their processes are so straightforward and easy.

Simply fill their home tutor request form here. They take extra pain in ensuring that they understand your needs, a client relationship officer will visit you to understand what your expectations are and determine the kind of tutor that would be capable of fulfilling your expectation. Prepclass is a registered company in Nigeria and has over 15,000 tutors in Lagos alone who can handle any level of subject complexity and bring out the very best in your child.

They can be easily reached?
Simply call 01-2913790 or their mobile hotline 08059811502. Click here to get a tutor from them today. You can also drop by at their new office which is on the 3rd floor 315 Herbert Macaulay Road Sabo Yaba Lagos.
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