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Router configuration(making the world go round).

This is a network design I created using Cisco Packet Tracer. I designed it using 8 routers,10 switches,PCs, etc. Each department having a Sever which issues the IP addresses to the PCs through DHCP and the routers communicating using EIGRP.

Learn HTML: Introduction of HTML

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   HTML Basics Welcome to HTML Basics. This workshop leads you through the basics of Hyper Text Markup Language (HTML). ...

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You can contest elections at age 25 soon, LEPAN celebrates youths and urges more support

The League of Progressive Ambassadors of Nigeria (LEPAN) on Wednesday congratulated young Nigerians for their tenacity as a bill seeking to reduce the age of candidacy required to run for elective positions in the country passed second reading in the House of Representatives.

Muslim group rejects new NYSC date for orientation due to Ramadan

The Muslim Rights Concern, MURIC, have released a statement rejecting the June 13th date fixed for the NYSC Batch A (Stream II) orientation course, arguing that the Muslim graduates expected to participate in the orientation will be fasting as the date clashes with their Ramadan fasting. The group argues that it would be very strenuous for Muslims to be fasting and also participate in the challenges task set for them during their orientation camp.

Bill Gates launches chicken programme to help the poor in Africa

Microsoft founder, Bill Gates who is famous for his philanthropic ventures especially in Africa has launched a novel programme to help Africa's poor and it involves plenty of chicken.
The billionaire philanthropist says raising and selling the birds can be efficient to tackle extreme poverty and to this end, he has promised to donate 100,000 chickens.

A Violent Sun And A Sky Full Of Laughing Gas Could Have Led To Life On Earth

cloud of solar matter, created during storms on the sun, will fizzle through the thinnest parts of Earth's protective magnetic field. (Representational Image) A coronal mass ejection hits Earth's atmosphere like a cannonball. The cloud of solar matter, created during storms on the sun, will fizzle through the thinnest parts of Earth's protective magnetic field and send waves of light dancing across the polar night skies. It can disrupt communications and fry electrical grids. And if our planet's protection was just a bit weaker, and more of that explosive solar matter reached the surface, the consequences for life could be devastating.

Bakassi Militants appeal to Niger Delta Avengers to stop blowing up oil pipelines

Bakassi Militants under the aegis of Bakassi Strike Force, have appealed to their counterparts, the Niger Delta Avengers, to stop blowing up pipelines in the region. In an interview with Channels TV, the Militants asked the group to desist from carrying out more attacks on oil installations as such acts will only inflict more hardship on the people of the region.