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Stepmother allegedly poisons twins in Niger state

An aggrieved stepmother in Niger state allegedly used rat poison to kill these twin babies, Hussani and Hussain while they were sleeping in their mother's room at Rafingora near Kontagora in Niger State. According to Zuma Times, this incident happened shortly after they were born but they didn't say why the woman committed the atrocity!

Femi Fani-Kayode releases statement following his release from detention

Chief Femi Fani-Kayode who has been in detention since May 9, 2016, finally regained freedom yesterday, Friday, July 15, 2016, after fulfilling his bail conditions. In a statement released by the former Minister of Aviation, he said his trial and detention were all politically motivated but that he would not be broken. While expressing thanks to all those who stood by him in his trying times, he reiterated his innocence while stating his readiness to stand trial and vigorously defend himself and concluded by vowing that the struggle would continue.


You say there’s no chance of considering the reconstruction of our nation, I say shut up! You don’t know the half of what we are facing as ordinary Nigerians;
 You say we should be patient with you, I say bull! Maybe we should trade places for five minutes, just five minutes! And then let me tell you to be patient with me and see if you can
 You say you have our interest at heart, well, tell me another lie and please make an effort to be more convincing this time. How can you say you are seeking for my betterment when you are vehemently convinced that the deliberations and suggestions the general public came up with (CONFAB) is a gross waste of time?