You say there’s no chance of considering the reconstruction of our nation, I say shut up! You don’t know the half of what we are facing as ordinary Nigerians;
 You say we should be patient with you, I say bull! Maybe we should trade places for five minutes, just five minutes! And then let me tell you to be patient with me and see if you can
 You say you have our interest at heart, well, tell me another lie and please make an effort to be more convincing this time. How can you say you are seeking for my betterment when you are vehemently convinced that the deliberations and suggestions the general public came up with (CONFAB) is a gross waste of time?

 You say you are fighting corruption and all we have known since your administration has been one occasion of hideous, insensitive and sometimes even outright foolish an unnecessary instances of corruption. How can you expect us to believe you when you don’t practice what you preach`; what are the odds that the only corrupt people in the government are those that are either in the opposition or those that have not identified with your government? Or does one obtain immunity by the ‘virtue of the broom’?
 You said the problem was the other man, that it was his incompetence and inefficiency that left us where we were when you met us but did our national GDP fall below zero during his regime? Did our economy become this ‘thing’ that it has become where the only projection for it is negative?
I mean, what the hell? Our national GDP is 0.14; ZERO POINT ONE FOUR!, We live in constant fear of violence, fuel has become a luxury even tomato! ????? ? speechless Indeed
 You promised us change but imagine the cost of fueling our generators for thirty days sums up to over 130k and minimum wage is 18k… we have not even considered food, rent and fees yet.
But sometimes I don’t think it’s your fault. When a former governor who is now a senator is earning a lifetime pension the equivalent of an acting governor’s salary, and at the same time almost 30 million naira monthly salary as a senator how will you understand what it means to be so broke and the only salary we get after every hard month is the promise that we’ll be paid next month, when you wear a shoes that cost over 200K and it don’t mean nothing to you how will you understand that we have not eaten for days? When you live in luxurious villas and buy empty houses worth billions in Dubai how will you understand that our school fees have not been paid and the landlord is threatening to send us packing because we have not paid our rent in months.
 So say no more! Don’t tell me any more crap because even if I wanted to believe you, I can’t. Just say no more! Go buy diamond encrusted duct tapes worth 2 billion naira and tape your mouth shut. Do whatever you please because you can, but please SAY NO MORE. Make no other promises; just ‪#‎SAYNOMORE‬.

Write-up by a well meaning Nigerian. *Name withheld*
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