Change Facebook Background Login Screen?

Here today i am going to show how to change the Background of the Facebook Login Page...
Show to do this follow the steps given below:-

1) First of all, Go to chrome Extensions Gallery.

2)Then Search for the FB Refresh Chrome Extension.

3)After Finding it ,Add it to the Chrome.

4)This Extensions helps in changing the Facebook login page on your computer.

5) After adding the Extension to Google Chrome, Now go to the Extensions Manager of your chrome browser.
You will find it in the wrench menu<tools<Extensions

4) Now scroll down until you find the installed extension (FB Refresh), then Click Options just below it.

5) When you click Options, you will find settings page of FB Refresh.

6) Under Image URL/Upload section ,you can paste the Image URL or upload a pic which you
want to set it as the login background of Facebook page.

7)you can also change or personalize the view the background screen in the options there.

8)Then click on the save button and restart your Browser and open the Facebook Page..      
               And voila! the page changes.
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