How to Use Trial Software for Full Time wihtout any need for Registration.

Good Morning Friends  ....This day has come with a new trick which will be useful for everyone..

Many of us will be using softwares which are either trial ones or Cracked...

These Trail softwares can be used for full time by using some intelligent registry edits...

These Registry edits make the software doesn't recognize whether it was installed previously on the system or not...

It just as easy ,you can use the system for the trial period then uninstall it and make some registry edits and again install it..

This doesn't work if you don't make the registry edits...Because the system will recognize the installation of this software previously...

So,now i am gonna show how to make this Registry Edit and how to use the software life time..

Follow these steps carefully because registry settings are the main part for the working of your system. And you would want any amateur stalking around in there.

If any goes wrong your system may be crashed or will not be working...

For any doubts or queries comment below...i will let u know

1)Firstly use your software until its Trial Period then uninstall it..

2)Now open your RUN Command either from searching in start menu or shortcut key windows+R

3)Then type in regedit and press Enter..

4)In the left panel ,follow the following path

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE<<<SOFTWARE<<<(your trial software name)

5)Right click on it and Delete it..

6)Do the same process in HKEY_CURRENT_USER if your software is present ,otherwise skip this step

7)Then again in the RUN command type %temp% and press Enter

8)A window will be opened select all Ctrl+A and Delete All...

9)Do the Same process by typing temp in the RUN command..

10)Now,In the main Drive of your system goto Users<<<Username<<<Appdata.

11)Check for your software name in all the three folders "local","local low","roaming" and delete your software folder..

12)Now ,reinstall your application thats it Now can use it for another trial period..

Do the same process after each trial period and enjoy your software for life time......

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