MMM crashed in Nigeria

TV stations, blogs, and radio stations were covering it live. People were weeping and OAPs were calling victims to narrate their experience on live TV. It was like rapture.
I was in my air conditioned bedroom, typing profusely on my laptop, trying to access the website to no avail. I think every penny I had ever made in my life was invested in ‘mavros’. Then I paused to scratch the terrible itch on my hair. I could not stop itching.

Soon enough, I stood up and began taking off my clothes.
Psychologists say that is the second sign of madness.
This was a dream. The dream that jolted me from sleep this morning. The dream that made me rush to church to praise the Lord after flipping open my laptop to confirm if my 20K was intact.
MMM has snatched MTN logo. It is everywhere you go!
On Friday, I was in a vehicle home and a secondary school boy was introducing the passenger beside him to MMM. My friend told me her uber driver was trying to convince her to join the scheme.
Copycats websites are springing up. Some promising 40 percent, others offering five times your investment.
My sister told me her neighbour resigned as a bank marketer for Zenith Bank to work independently for MMM. Every morning, she leaves the house by 9am in a suit to look for people to introduce to this scheme. Good thing she has a background in marketing. My sister said she’s been doing well, earning fifteen times her former salary as referral bonus in a month.
Speaking of jobs, while I have been looking for cheap houses online, the MMM guy I know about browses for cars on jiji. He said his budget is between 1.3m to 1.5m. First thing he does at work is to pull out a moleskin diary containing all the accounts he is running for big men. Then he starts checking them on his desktop one after the other. He also browses vacation packages on wakanow.
People winning are esusu’ monthly account officers. You do contribution, they put all the money in MMM without your knowledge and pocket the 30%. Notice most people are asking for emergency loan these days. ‘I swear I’ll pay you in 30 days’ they’ll say.
My brother, you might not be doing MMM but your money is.
How much would you lose if it crashes?
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