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At 11:32pm, on the 1st day of December 2016. God gave me this message. This is what The Lord said: "Son, the end is at the door but my people don't see it. My people are more concern about making money easily without comparing the value of money with the value of their souls to find out the greatest. And no matter what their findings are, Souls have more value than money. "Having seen that Christians this day love money so much, The Lord Continued, Satan has gone so deep in his strategy to capture the souls of many Christians. In his strategy to buy the souls of many Christians including the elects, Satan has offered my people money in an easy way through internet money markets. He introduced a lot of them, which among them is "MMM", and many Christians have joined them without asking me questions about the deep secret of MMM. "Son, the Lord, called me, my people have handed their souls over to Satan through that network market called MMM. It is paining me b…