At 11:32pm, on the 1st day of December 2016. God gave me this message.
This is what The Lord said: "Son, the end is at the door but my people don't see it. My people are more concern about making money easily without comparing the value of money with the value of their souls to find out the greatest. And no matter what their findings are, Souls have more value than money.
"Having seen that Christians this day love money so much, The Lord Continued, Satan has gone so deep in his strategy to capture the souls of many Christians. In his strategy to buy the souls of many Christians including the elects, Satan has offered my people money in an easy way through internet money markets. He introduced a lot of them, which among them is "MMM", and many Christians have joined them without asking me questions about the deep secret of MMM.
"Son, the Lord, called me, my people have handed their souls over to Satan through that network market called MMM. It is paining me because the interests which are given to people after few days of their registration to the network, is used by Lucifer to exchange their souls in eternity.
Lucifer has bought their souls with MMM.
"Son, tell my people who have not joined MMM yet, that I the Lord said that MMM is an instrument Lucifer brought in the world to bring more people to hell fire. He knew that there is recession in Nigeria which makes things difficult and money scarce, therefore he introduced it as a way of easing people of their financial challenges but with intention of taking their souls to hell fire.
"Furthermore, the Lord said to me, Son, warn my people - if only they will hear because they are stubborn - that I the Lord said that I do not support all the networking money market. I am in pain that the number of people in the Book of Life is very small, and I am looking for faithful preachers of salvation messages and people who will go round the cities and villages to warn people again my anger that is already coming on the way on earth, but my people are busy evangelizing the MMM and others, and thereby bringing more people to them. But my own kingdom is lacking people. I am not happy at all. When my anger overflows, I will strike my people especially those I called to preach my gospel around.
"Now, son, the Lord still continued, tell my people, that I said that I hate MMM AND OTHERS. My WORD cannot be broken. They should go back to their Bible and study all that I said concerning the end time, if they actually desire to get to heaven so that they will not be misled. I the Lord, am giving this warning to those who have ears to hear, and let he who has ears, hear what I the Lord has said".
Pls if you are confused or doubtful about the above message, you are 100% free to pray to God for confirmation in as much as you have the Holy Spirit in you.
The above message is from Apostle Ubani Kingsley c.
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