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6 Health tips from dad for Computer Professionals

As professionals we hardly put any thought into our body because we like working. We sit on our computers, staring at it’s screen without thinking about any of the consequences. These health tips were given by my dad, who is an orthopedist, when he saw me crouched over my laptop all day.

Top 7 sexiest female hackers of the world

It’s always crazy when it comes to hacking of internet and computer embedded devices. It’s just amazing that the most cryptic and legendary systems can be broken down. How a few lines of code could topple huge corporations thus crippling the computer networks of the whole country and bring an entire organization to its knees. To the infinity and beyond, hacking just ain’t got no limits. When we hack, we break, we destroy and then we create.

Computers are beautiful and where there is beauty there are women. This the anonymous world of hacking, where the women are hacking into the freaking stratosphere.

This list brings to you the hottest female hackers of all time-