6 Health tips from dad for Computer Professionals

As professionals we hardly put any thought into our body because we like working. We sit on our computers, staring at it’s screen without thinking about any of the consequences. These health tips were given by my dad, who is an orthopedist, when he saw me crouched over my laptop all day.

According to my dad some of the things i do that are having a negative impact on my health –

    Sitting in a crouched position
    Stare at screen of my mobile or computer for too long
    Night reading
    Less movement throughout the day

I usually don’t listen to what he says  but recently i have started  a lot of problems like stiff neck, back pain and blurred vision for some time. When i looked around the community of people who work with tech i noticed that people were having similar problems! The health tips i am about to give you have helped me out a lot.

Body Posture
1 ) Eye level – Always keep the laptop in sync with your eye level. That means you shouldn’t have to look down to see your screen. Looking down for long periods of time strains the neck. My dad recommended keeping two pillows below my laptop when i work.

2) Posture – Sometimes the work that we do can be so absorbing that we don’t remind ourselves to sit straight. Which leads to bendy spinal cord. This can lead to problems like back pain and curved spine in old age. Imagine a pole is going vertically into your head. Now align your whole body to that of the pole. That is how we are supposed to sit naturally.

Eye Sight
1) Night reading – I have the habit of reading of reading books and articles on my mobile at night when the lights are closed. As the room is dark and the screen is emitting bright light it puts a lot of stress on the eyes. This can lead to weakening of eye strength at a very young age. The solution is Night light. In almost of the reading application like Google Books and Kindle there is an option to turn on the night light in display settings. Apple has also introduced Night mode in almost all of its devices.

2) Take a break – After an hour of using our laptop/PC we should take a break of 5 minutes to allow our eyes to rest a little bit and re-calibrate.  I know this sucks but this will be good for us in the long run.

Body Movement
1) Exercise – We have to sit at one place all day and work on computers. We hate getting up and walking around as it breaks us out of our zone. This stagnation can lead to obesity and many other health related problems. One solution could be to walk around for 5 minutes after very hour and another could be to go to a gym and workout those bones. I have decided to wake up at 5am every morning and go to gym at about 5:30am. I have noticed that this helps me stay energetic all day.

2) Standing desk – Also called the Zen desk, this is a desk where we can stand and work. This is an alternative to sitting on our chair. Sitting for long periods isn’t good for our body because the body demands that we stand on our legs and stretch them at various breaks throughout the day.

Its very important to do our work. My dad understands that but if the body is not fit enough to give our work the best we can then sitting all day isn’t worth it. So implement these health tips. Take breaks. Keep you body erect. Eat well. Exercise.
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