Top 7 sexiest female hackers of the world

It’s always crazy when it comes to hacking of internet and computer embedded devices. It’s just amazing that the most cryptic and legendary systems can be broken down. How a few lines of code could topple huge corporations thus crippling the computer networks of the whole country and bring an entire organization to its knees. To the infinity and beyond, hacking just ain’t got no limits. When we hack, we break, we destroy and then we create.

Computers are beautiful and where there is beauty there are women. This the anonymous world of hacking, where the women are hacking into the freaking stratosphere.

This list brings to you the hottest female hackers of all time-

1. Adeanna Cooke

Adeanna Cooke

Can you believe it when we tell you that she is a former playboy magazine’s model and one of the best ethical hackers in the world. It’s interesting how she went pro. When one of her friend tried to make money by trying to put her face on a nude women’s body and put it on some unauthorized website, she without any help broke into the website, hacked into it and cleared all the photos.
As all that happens, happens for good now she is one of the best self-taught hackers of all time. She now is a professional hacker who helps her model friends from being taken advantage on the internet.

2. Anna Chapman
Anna Chapman - Sexy female hacker

Anna Chapman is one of our favorites, this redhead hacker is the truest combination of both brains and beauty.
A Russsian national, she lived in New York city with nine others on June 27,2010 for the suspicion of working for the Illegals program spy ring. Which operates under the Russian Federation’s external intelligence agency. United States Department of Justice called it the illegals program, which was a network of Russian sleeper agents under non-official cover whose investigation by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) resulted in the arrest of ten agents. And then a prisoner swap occurred between Russia and the United States on 9th july  of 2010.
She gained the celebrity status after this incident. After the event her photos were downloaded off her Facebook profile and also her videos were uploaded to YouTube. In April 2010 she posed on the cover of Maxim magazine’s Russian version in Agent Provocateur lingerie. Then she was named by the magazine as the 100 most sexiest woman in Russia.

3. Ying Cracker

We’ve always known how amazing girls with bangs look, especially Hollywood starlets, be it Jennifer Aniston or Dakota Johnson, don’t they rock? Well they look damn ravishing on hackers too. We present to you Ying Cracker by profession a professor at the Shanghai University.
She also teaches basics of hacking to her students which include changing the IP address and wiping office passwords. Her popularity boosted after she was posted by an online forum called “Chinese Hottie Hackers”. A huge fan base was thus born. Also impressive at her work, she’s an expert hacker software writer and charges a good amount for courses on simple hacking tools and also in cracking software. Hence the name cracker.

4. Kristina Vladimirovna Svechinskaya

kristine female hacker

Though it may shock some to learn, the woman pictured above is not an actress playing a hacker in a Hollywood movie, but is actually a real-life hacker herself. Kristina Vladimirovna Svechinskaya is a Russian money mule hacker. A money mule is a person who transfers money acquired illegally in person, through a courier service, or electronically, on behalf of others.
Working with a secret group of 37 other hackers, Kristina was able to steal approximately 12 million dollars from American and British banks using fake passports, fake bank accounts and a cyber Trojan Horse to gain access to so many bank accounts. A New York University student, one of the most common names in the hacker’s world.  In 2010, she was arrested and charged with bank fraud and gained popularity online and was labeled the sexiest hacker chick in the world. In 2013, a New York court freed her from prison and ordered her to pay $35,000 in damages. The judge allegedly took into account her young age as well as the time already served in prison. She was released from prison, but was placed under surveillance. In 2016 it was announced that a film called Botnet is going to be made and will be loosely based on Kristina’s story.

5. Raven Alder

Well now we gotta be careful not only because she is a hacker but also knows martial arts and can.
She is well known as hack-detecting system developer, test and audit hacking detector systems for large federal agencies. Adler was the first woman to ever present at the DefCon’s hacker conference.
She now works as a senior security consultant for a number of companies and continues to give lectures and regularly publish her work in industry magazines.

6. Gigabyte

Codename: Gigabyte

Real name:  Kim Vanvaeck

Kim Vanvaeck - gigabyte

From the land of waffles, Gigabyte was born and brought up in Belgium.While many of the top female hackers are known for their legal work within the security sector, Gigabyte is on the opposite end of the spectrum. Dangerous viruses such as Coconut-A, Sharp-A, Sahay-A have been programmed by Gigabyte. Virus developed are use in system to steal or destroy information or any data.
Presently she serving jail-time. Recently, Vanvaeck was arrested just outside of her hometown of Mechelon near Brussels but was released within 24 hours on bail. She is currently accused of stealing and destroying
private data and is facing 3 years in prison and over 100,000 Euros in fines.

7. Joanna Rutkowska


She is an expert computer security researcher and also an ethical hacker. Her virus attack protection system is very famous and widespread through Black hat conferences in Las Vegas. Joanna Rutkowska is further proof that not all hackers are bad, and few specialists have done more for operating system security.
Rutkowska amazed the world in the August 2006 Black Hat Briefing Convention in Las Vegas. In front of a crowd, Rutkowska demonstrated two simple methods for hacking into the Windows Vista beta. She also revealed a Blue Pill technique that allowed her to transfer a running operating system onto a virtual machine well before the worldwide use of virtual machines and virtual servers within the private sector.

These are the sexiest female hackers we found on the planet. Got anymore? Share them with us in the comments below.
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