Failure is bad. Failure is good. A lot of student are afraid of failure. And because of the fear of failing, they read just to pass exams not because they want to know.
Failure is good when you learn from it. Failure is bad when you repeat the same mistake over and over again. 

    Most successful people that I know were ones failures.
Take Ben Carson for example, I love this man’s story. He was a laughing stock, he was at the bottom of the class and also from a poor family. But how did he become so popular? He got inspired, he discovered his weaknesses and turned them to his greatest source of strength.
Ben Carson decided to study, he was ready to listen. At every point in your life you just have to listen a little more and talk less.

   Read always, read every day, study all night.
Someone reading this would say ‘I have been reading but yet I still end up failing’. Have you ever  asked yourself the following questions?

What method have I been applying?
Why do I fail?
When last did I use this method?
How would I apply this method?
Am I on the right track?

And when you are done answering these questions, I bet you, you will surely find answers.
The good thing at the end of the day is that; everyone, anyone can be successful. Even an illiterate.

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